This post makes three in a row about Gumshoe games, and in rapid succession as well. 

One of my Christmas presents was the new second edition of The Esoterrorists by Robin D. Laws. 
I’d already got the 1st edition (reviewed here), which I got after having a look at Trail of Cthulhu. 
The second edition polishes the rules up a little, now that Gumshoe has been used to power a subsequent seven games (including the forthcoming TimeWatch and Gaean Reach), adds more detail to the Ordo Veritis and Esoterrorist organisations, has an expanded bestiary and includes an alternate setting – Station Duty.
It’s still very affordable, and great for quick play at short notice.

Which brings me to the official point of this post – Recently a member of the Pelgrane Press Google+ community put out a call for some ready to play PCs for an Esoterrorists 2e game.
I, not having too much work that I wanted to avoid doing, knocked some up.

If you would like to use them, then they’re here:
Esoterrorist 2e Characters


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