Let’s skip the brain trust explanation and get right into it.
You used to be normal. Now you’re not.
You used to have a normal life. Now it’s anything but.
One day you had this dream, an I right, about signing your name somewhere and all of a sudden your brain is tied to this other place where the scales are tipped in favour of mad crap and if you pull on the strings, you can make crazy stuff happen as well.
And then sometimes you pull hard and the string breaks and you fall on your ass. Or something falls on you. That smarts, yeah.
Maybe you joined one of them nutty secret societies with handshakes that fry your brain or stop your heart dead, or maybe you didn’t. Your business anyhow.
Where we are now is that we could both kill each other with a word, and none of these chumps would even know it. Hell, everyone of these guys could be a corpse already, and the world just ain’t cottoned on yet. You coulda done it. You probably didn’t. Maybe I did.
But here you are. In my place. And I know who you are.
Your move, kid.


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