I’m late to this party, by about a year, so I apologise for the total lack of news flashes.
I am, however, going to talk about what I’ve learnt (decided) so far.

1. Blocking is for chumps, dual wielding is where it’s at. As far as I can tell, the trick is to not let them get close enough to hit you.

2. Forget racial stat boosts, I want to see in the dark. I played about an hour of Oblivion, not including character creation, and soon realised that I couldn’t see for shit roughly half the time. Solution: Khajit. I don’t give a monkey’s about cat-man cuteness, or claw attacks or bonuses to sneaking (ok, I care a bit about that). What I do care about is being able to see the goblin dog fuck that’s just jumped me in the cave.

3. Cleanse with Fire! So far, a five second burst of flame has solved every single problem I’ve had. Hands down. I’m hoping that there’s a “take off and nuke the site from orbit” spell later on.
I suspect that I’m screwed when I meet a foe with some level of fire resistance.

4. Beauty gets you killed. More precisely, stopping to admire the stunning visuals usually means that you’re about to get ganked, like a tourist in Glasgow.

5. Minions are kinda cool. I’ve a guy called Sven following me around. Far as I can tell, his main functions are: distract foes, get in the way of my Flame blasts, stare at me with his piercing blue eyes. He got killed by a giant spider, and I was unexpectedly sad. I missed him. Luckily I was ganked by a group of Druegar (is that right?) and we were happily reunited in the save game.
But we’re not a couple.

6. I am totally indecisive. Thief? Warrior? Mage? I’m racially predisposed to stealth, chose a combat blessing and use magic in every encounter. I’m conflicted. I’ve leveled up a couple of times, and upped my Magica and Health. It’s Stamina next.

Admittedly, I’m yet to reach level 3, and I’m still on my first quest, so most of this is probably wrong… Actually, no. I’m adjusting the difficulty down a notch, so I can play like a n00b. Fuck it.


4 thoughts on “Blocking is for chumps / Late to the Skyrim party

  1. My advice? Don't pick any one of the three to be awesome at, but be as good as you can at all of them. Fire will help out a lot, but not being able to sneak and ping with arrows sucks, and there's going to be times when you're tight in the thick of it and really need the hit points and hand-to-hand weapon damage


  2. I went with orc blacksmith. Once i forged the most awesome armour and Weapons i could, i then turned to enchanting the fuck out of them. I now walk up to dragons and giants and have them in the face.


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