I am on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogger and, um, email, I guess.
When I don’t have a data connection on my Android Cell, I get itchy.
People could be communicating… without me!
I probably have a problem. A 21st Century addiction, no doubt.

I do love it when I can legitimately use social media, though, as I’m sure thousands of graduates the world over do when they say “I can set up the businesses Twitter feed, no worry”.
I have been running Aberrant for my gaming group recently. It’s been going very well. I finally get Aberrant, after 12 years, and can run it confidently.
The players have fully embraced their characters and the setting as well.

My gaming group, being consummate nerds, have always used internet tools to communicate. We originally used Google Groups to organise, share and discuss our games, then moved onto Facebook messages, because, like it or not, we’re all on Facebook.
With Aberrant, though, the most delightful thing has happened.

In-Character profiles, status updates and fan pages. It’s ace.

May players have set up:
Solar Flair’s Official Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The Adonis’ Facebook page

A Facebook page for Dan Peterson, the best friend of Max Control

In return, I’ve set up a Facebook page for a recurring antagonist, Arnold Deekus, as well as a Twitter feed for him ( @deus_rex_ad ), and a local news Twitter feed – @pulsecitynews

The end result is great fun. I’ve been running downtime activities and in character interactions using a mix of Facebook and Twitter status updates, Facebook messages, texts and emails, which has borne strange fruit, and definitely furthered the plot.

We’re taking a break from Aberrant whilst I recharge my GM batteries, and someone else is running Black Crusade. We have been told that, unfortunately, Chaos Marines do not blog.


One thought on “How the Virtual Adepts have upped my game / Social Media in RPG

  1. I often think how much different my live action vampire would have been if I had spent three years running it starting a year back. When it first kicked off, not all the players had mobile phones, and the ones that did were not used to having them. I had been lucky enough to jump on that bandwagon pretty early on, and used to love calling people in the middle of scenes with IC chat from NPCs. Done in combat or when sneaking was fun as they were told to make sure phones were off as all calls would be treated as in character.

    Since my gaming group are all based in the same town, we don't really need to hit too much social media, instead just using it for flavour and fun. Having our own forum kind of helps too…


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