Since my gaming club was resurrected around Christmas, we’ve been playing at a local pub called The Howcroft Inn.
It’s always been quiet, and they let us have the function room for free. Not bad. It could hold about six separate games.
I’m speaking in the past tense.
The Howcroft had been struggling as a business for years, and was finally on its last legs.
They gave out a month ago, and it closed down. It’ll be a block of flats shortly.

So the hunt was on for a new place to game…

There are a number of places we could play, but all were prohibitively expensive.
We’ve managed to muster 12 people across two games at best, but we seem to be averaging six people a week. Expense is an issue.

Other options: pubs and clubs with available rooms.
Royal British Legion, Bolton. They’ve hosted Vampire and Werewolf lrp before, so should be a good option. No. They’ve “tried it before” and “it doesn’t work”. No discussion. Just no.

YMCA. £30 for a room. They close early. No good.

Other locations – don’t get back to us.

So we’re now at a local Conservative club. Space is free. No hassle. Some slight ideological conflicts with some of the players, amplified by the managers suggestion we pay the very reasonable £10 annual membership to secure our place (it’s officially members only, but the manager takes the pragmatic view that if we buy beer, we can stay).


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