I tried an experiment earlier today. Actually yesterday.
Ok, a few hours ago.

I fancied seeing how I could use Google+ for casual remote gaming. Sort of like Play by Email, but not.
I thought I could create a Circle, put the players in it, and post a scene setter with picture and have them react to it in the comments.
The idea would be that each post was a stage in the story, and each new post would occur as the action in the comments reached a natural/critical point.

I didn’t think it through to well, though.

Firstly, the players I selected confused it with the ‘full’ online RPG of Fear Itself i’m setting up.
Secondly, I hadn’t thought about the posts getting lost in the feed. Players could keep adding comments to one post, and be alerted to updates by Notifications etc, totally unaware that a new post had come out. This also makes it hard to maintain a sense of narrative structure.

So, thinking on it, what i’m looking for in this instance is actually Google Wave.
Didn’t they turn that off?

As a side note, I thought i’d give the basic framework of my Modern Mythic pet system a whirl, so this is what I sent out:
You have 10 points to spend between Strength, Sanity and Luck.
You excel at one thing.
You can use a point of Strength or Sanity to increase your chance of success in a physical or mental task.
You can use a point of Luck to turn a failure into a success, or a success into a failure.
Your character needs a name.

This is what I got back, which is encouraging:
 Str 2, San 3, Luck 5.
Jimmy Muldoon.
Excels at darts

 Brock Landers
Str 2, San 4, Luck 4
Excels at Poker

Alexander Braithwaite
Str 6, San 2, Luck 2
Excels at Golf.


3 thoughts on “G(+) Funk / Online gaming in the Google age

  1. Well I just tried wave.google.com and it looked like it was still on. But I suspect they will turn it off soon. However they did open source a whole bunch of Wave related tech so it's not inconceivable to setup up your own private wave server.

    If you want really low tech real-time document sharing how about Etherpad: http://etherpad.org/public-sites/


  2. Don't know if it's of any use, but they integrated the “real time collaboration” aspect of Google Wave into Google Docs. Maybe play-by-document is the way to go?


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