I was extremely disappointed this morning to learn that Christian has jacked in his Destination Unknown blog following a rather personal attack levelled at him by a troll site.

It’s a shame. I’m a fairly new Blogger, and it’s blogs like DU and community members like Christian who encourage newbies like me.

I always found his posts interesting, well thought out and entertaining.

He gave back to the community with free zines and character stats, and, dammit, a hell of a lot of my site traffic originated from his blog.

I guess I should be angry at the mouth breather who attacked him. Instead I’m just disappointed.

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5 thoughts on “Everything you’ve built and care about sucks / A sense of community within RPG Bloggers

  1. Christian is truly a nice guy, and it bugs me that while he packed in his stuff, that other git will probably repeat this stunt again in not too long. While C is an example of what makes this part of the blogosphere a nice place, that other one is an equally good example of the opposite.


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