Supplemental to my earlier post about Changeling: the Lost and Inception style combat, I’ve been flicking through my other nWoD books, trying to determine what other supernaturals can indulge in Oneiromachy.

Reading Mage: the Awakening tells me that a Mage with Mind 4 can enter a sleepers dream and mess around with the content of the dream.

It also tells me that any Mage can enter the Universal Dreamspace, the Teneros, by meditating. They can also use their magic in much the same way as they can in the waking world, with the added bonus of being Paradox free.

There is a suggestion that Mages may encounter the True Fae whilst on an Astral Journey.

Reading Second Sight tells me that both Psychics and Sorcerers can enter dreams and interact with the sleeping world.

They are comparatively defenseless, though.

After all of this, it’s also clear that in the dreamworld, Changelings kick ass.

I can see great potential for cross over, both conflict and cooperation, in this.

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4 thoughts on “Let Dream Combat Commence! / Changeling vs Mage vs Psychic

  1. Some good resources for this sort of cross-over can be found in two different Changeling books: _Rites of Spring_ talks about the cross-over potential and systems between Mages and Changelings, with some extended information on Changeling-based Oneiromancy and ideas on working it into a chronicle; _Dancers in the Dusk_ talks more about the meta-perspective of Oneiromancy within the Changeling genre (including several sidebars on Mage v. Changeling dreamscaping).
    From a Mage perspective, all you really need can be found in the _Astral Realms_ book.


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