I have just scoped this news article on the WW site:

The thing I find amazing is that these books are for the Vampire Revised edition, which is out of print, and not for the Vampire 20 version coming out later this year.

For why?
Quick buck?


3 thoughts on “White Wolf have officially confused me / Step back in time to 2000

  1. Disclaimer: I haven't exhaustively studied this…

    It appears to my cursory observations that buy-in for Vampire: Requiem isn't as high as was desired or expected by WW. If this is true, then it would explain why they are reprinting Vampire: The Masquerade and soon to release Vampire 20. Basically they are saying, “So you like the older version better? Fine, we'll sell you that then.”

    Interesting parallels to the division occurring within the D&D market, where Pathfinder and a multitude of OSR products are catering to the players who didn't migrate to 4th edition D&D.

    While there certainly isn't a one-to-one analogy here between WoD and D&D, perhaps there are a few similarities all the same.


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