It’s now been a year since Wizards of the Coasts licence to produce Star Wars RPG materials lapsed, and the support for the frankly exceptional Saga Edition ceased.

I suggest we all spend a moment thinking on that.
Maybe even a minute of silence.

At the time of WotCs announcement, there was much speculation on who would take up the licence, and what would they produce.
As of a Google search ten minutes ago, I have heard nothing.

WTF? This is Star Wars, not some fly-by-night franchise. Are Lucas industries asking for too much cash, or is there really not enough money in the licence?
Sure, whoever gets it will be under pressure to produce a high quality product, and to make money out of it, and the market is tight, but come on.

Star Wars is the original cross over franchise. It enjoys a near unrivalled ability to succeed in multiple media: Film, TV, Computer Game, Toys, Models, Books, Comic Books, Clothing & Accessories, RPGs and novelty items, to name but a few.
To my thinking, RPG products like Star Wars have the ability to interest fans who may not have considered the hobby before.
Star Wars is a gateway game to other systems and genres.
RPG publishers should be falling over themselves to licence it, as whatever system they use for a Star Wars game would allow other games using that system to attract new players.
“Mega-Barbarian 3000. Uses the New Jedi Order system. Order now, only $29.95”
It’s sales gold.

So why isn’t it happening.
Have I missed something?


13 thoughts on “Star Wars RPG / Where is it?

  1. Well I see a few things happening here. One, Lucasarts might be holding off on doing anything with the RPG licencing rights until Knights of the Old Republic launches. Then they can shoot for a product tie in. The other is that maybe no one large enough has stepped forward to take it on or perhaps Lucasarts is asking more than anyone is willing to spend on it. The final answer may be that it's just not lucrative enough right now for Lucasarts to care.


  2. I am under the assumption that WotC let the license lapse because they were not making enough money with it. If a quality product can't make money with the license then I doubt anyone else could. It all comes down to money and apparently no one feels they can make enough money doing it.


  3. It is really a sad state of affairs. Only good thing is there are alot of Fanmade Star Wars adabtions out there, some really good. That wont help to attract players from outside the hobby tough.


  4. From what i've read, there are publishers out there that want to have a run at the licence. One publishers post entry suggests that somebody did get it, but thus far, they've not announced anything.
    Of course, it does take time to produce a game, and if you've something big like that, then you'll want to give yourself time to make it perfect.
    And, maybe, they are waiting for KOTOR to launch so there's a tie-in.
    That's the optimistic side.

    On the cynical side, I shake my head at an industry that cannot make money out of a Star Wars franchise.
    I agree with the possibility that Lucas may be demanding a truck load of cash.


  5. Goodman Games recently hinted that someone had picked up the license. I wouldn't assume that any publisher would break their announcement that they have it before Gencon, which seems like the logical place to make that type of splash.

    My personal gut feeling says that Final Flight games has the license, and I even put in a word to their PR department to find out, and came back with the typical “no comment”.

    I think that in August we'll have a clearer picture of the SW RPG. One of the rumors I heard at last year's gencon was that a company known for the tactical miniature games picked up the license, and that we may not even really see an rpg at all, but a skirmish game instead.

    Make of that what you will. 🙂


  6. I have heard from various, likely unreliable, sources that it was either Fantasy Flight or Green Ronin that got the SW license. There is supposed to be an announcement made later this year. Take that with a grain of salt, but it is what I've heard from various sources.


  7. Wild stab in the dark: Maybe they're waiting until some of the unsold d20 / Saga product clears from the shops? It may not be in print but you can certainly still get a hold of the books, first-hand, from most of the geek shops in Manchester. Launching a new version of an old favourite while the old favourite still lines the shelves seems like a risky move. I'd wait until memories have faded, the consumer base is hungering for more, and the existing units have shifted.

    Plus, of course, there's the issue of sales inherent in that. This exceptional product has been out of print for over a year, and still hasn't disappeared from the shelves. That may say something about the target audience's wallets, and/or willingness to invest in a new range when they're perfectly happy with their existing d20/WEG books.


  8. Sorry, yeah, Fantasy Flight, got my wires crossed there.

    Green Ronin is 100% out of the running, as told by Chris Pramas himself who says he has no interest in doing a SW game.

    It's looking like Fantasy Flight will likely have it. For the property it could be attractive, as they can have both rpg's, board games, minis, and other things under one roof. Fantasy Flight has good production values as well…


  9. just what I need in games.. 4 idiots running round trying to be Vader and strangling each other !

    (moving quickly on)

    Who Doesn't love the VW advert with the kid in the vader costume ?!


    almost as good as Dennis Leary as a Polar bear !

    “Kevin …….. Hat ! “

    I cry real tears every time.

    with such solid enterainment on TV. who needs RPG !


  10. Yeah, I saw that.
    I am disappointed that they've opted to publish a card game and a miniatures game first. I would much have preferred a RPG game first.

    I'm also worried about the format. I really don't like the look of the Warhammer Fantasy RPG they did. I like having books and dice, not separate lose sheets for characters, not weird di or ability cards or the like.

    I will march with no date in mind


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