Two things have prompted this post.
The first is a post by Ryan Macklin about an idea for a Mage: the Ascension campaign setting in which the Technocracy have definitively won.
The second is the advent of the Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition.

Together these two sources got me thinking about how awesome a Mage 20th Anniversary Edition could be, and what could/should change within the setting.
Here are my thoughts:

  • The two main factions in the Ascension War have fractured following mixed results. 
  • The Virtual Adepts have won, hands down. I have a fucking computer in my pocket right now that allows me to pin point the location of my friends instantly, run complex programs and is, God, I don’t know how many more times more powerful than the PC I had when Mage first came out
  • The Syndicate nearly won, then got their asses handed to them some three/four years ago with the Global Recession
  • I would say that all the other Traditions and Union members have … faded somewhat. Some are still clinging onto relevance, whilst others are now mere curiosities. 
  • There are going to be a shit load of Marauders, as the Traditions and the Technocracy are both severely depleted
  • The Nephandi are having a right old time of it, without the meddling intervention of the more restrained magick users
  • Paradox slaps down hard like a bitch
  • An updated Mage: the Ascension would be the absolute nuts.

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