Right now the royal wedding is on in the background, and I found myself looking at Westminster Abbey and all the gathered dignitaries, the tradition and the military dress uniforms, and thought:

“Wow! That’s pretty awesome. All we need now is for a dual with magic swords, a gatecrashing dragon and a minor comedic scuffle between Dwarf and Elf nations, and this would rock.”
Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. 
Once I had shaken off this crushing disappointment, I decided to blog about it. I’d draw a parallel between real world royal weddings and fantasy RPG weddings. I’d point out that the world would be scandalised that the Drow ambassador had been invited, yet the Half-Elves had not, as they are not recognised as a separate race, stuff like that. The dress would be woven out of gossamer thread from the Feywild, and the groom would arrive on a griffin wielding the blazing sword of office.
My next thought was, I’m gonna need some pictures to illustrate this. 
But, to my surprise, there are no actual D&D wedding pictures that Google can find me. In fact, there are no Forgotten Realms ones either. I even tried LRP and LARP weddings, as they love a good wedding, and nothing. 
The Google image search of Dungeons and Dragons Wedding did throw up a picture of a lovely young girl whose modesty was protected only by a Sega Dreamcast console and two controllers. 
I kid you not. 
I swear i wasn’t looking for it. 
Final Fantasy didn’t let me down.
I am disappointed that neither of them are a cat, though
So, a couple of genuine questions for all you gamers out there: 
Has a wedding ever featured in one of your games? 
Who got married – Player character(s) or NPCs?
Would you actually be engaged by an in-game wedding?

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Weddings / If this were D&D, a dragon would have eaten somebody by now

  1. That's a great question. I'd have to reach back to 1987 or 1988 for our 1st edition AD&D campaign set in Greyhawk. Contrary to what some people think, I've actually played a hell of a lot of old school D&D. 😉

    At any rate, the Grey Elven Hero, Helix, (I wrote about him on my blog the other day) married another elf named Glenna. Together the bought the Blue unicorn Inn, which Glenna ran while Helix was out wasting monsters. It was all pretty simple, but as teenagers it was our first experience with an in-game relationship that didn't end with, “Are there any hot chicks in this inn I can do?”


  2. I've been thinking about it, and I would love to run a campaign that centred around a massive state wedding. It could rock!
    There'd be loads of cash flying around, high risk, high profile security jobs, intrigue, romance, diplomacy, betrayal, revenge, feasting, celebration, sadness, gatecrashers and probably murder most foul.

    Cheers for the props, by the way.

    Were there any hot chicks there, btw?


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