A few weeks ago, whilst reviewing World of Darkness: Mirrors, I pretty much stated that White Wolf were no longer publishing game books, and were now just a legacy holding of CCP.

Yeah, I was wrong. Which is fine. I’m not an industry insider, and I’m often wrong. I live with being wrong on a daily basis. Just ask my wife (ba dum dum).
I also don’t mind being wrong about this as I enjoy White Wolf games immensely.

However, I would like to share with you the extent of my wrongness. Enjoy…



2 thoughts on “White Wolf / Reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated

  1. I don't know. It's a single product, with no promise of further support. They haven't announced a similar follow up treatment of any of their other lines (I'm sure Werewolf or Mage would also sell well). It sounds more like an epitaph than a resurrection to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see WW return to its former glory. I will be buying this awesome tome. I really like the open development happening on the website. I hope it sells out so fast they are convinced to do the same for the other lines. But I suspect it will be just a flash in the pan. A marketing gimmick to revive interest in time for the new MMO. This time next year WW will likely be back to (lack of) business as usual.


  2. I'd say yes and no.
    WW's publication schedule is incredibly light right now, with a heavy focus on PDF/e-book formats, most of which are SAS modules or short supplements, all of which points to an arm of a company that is going dormant, and I would totally agree with your analysis of V:tM20th – It's clearly a tie-in for the upcoming MMO dressed up as a 'reward for the fans'.

    Having said that, I do see that they're releasing hard copy versions of supplements that have previously been PDF only, such as New Wave Requiem.
    Which suggests to me that their current business model is – put it out as PDF, and then see if there's sufficient demand for a hard copy further down the line.
    They're also reprinting a load of core rule books.

    I am holding out some small hope that the World of Darkness will resurrect.
    Hopefully not as 3rd iteration though.


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