I’ve been developing this blog recently, and trying to turn it into a serious concern. Therefore i’ve been spamming old gaming buddies with a link to it, and putting more thought into what I write.
And having examined the stats provided by Blogger, this methodology is paying out.
Yesterday I smashed my previous best ‘views in one day’, and reached the heady heights of 27 views.

A small part of me suspects that people are erroneously viewing Total Party Kill because of the various links and images i’ve included.
Is this true? I’m not sure how i’d find out.
In the mean time, here’s some unrelated images.


One thought on “Popularity / re-routed traffic

  1. FWIW, I follow you via Google Reader. I have no idea if that gets logged in Blogger's pageviews.

    “putting more thought into what I write” – this. This is the best and only valid way to increase traffic, IMO. I know there are ways to bias search engine results and trick people into coming to your site, but in general the main factor in web traffic is good content, regularly updated.

    ps awesome comics lol


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