Written in kind of reaction to: http://jamesmishler.blogspot.com/2009/07/doom-of-rpgs-rambling.html

Hard backed books.

I was in Manchester this week, so stuck my head into Travelling Man, Fanboy 3 and Forbidden Planet to pick up and browse through some geek books, like in the old days.

So, nowadays, you can basically only buy a really nice looking, well made, beautifully printed hardback book when shopping for a supplement (not the core rules, a supplement).
The design standards are all top notch, the writing is impressive, the artwork lovely.

However, they all cost about £20!
For a supplement!?

Ok, this is ten years ago, but i used to buy one or two supplements a month. Splat books, campaign books, setting books, additional rule or option books. I pissed my money away, but that was fine, because it didn’t feel like i was spending money.
£8 for a clan book? Seems fair.
£14 for a meta plot advancement with loads of new powers and character options? Cool.
£22 for a supplement about guns? Fuck off!

That’s why the hobby is going down the pan and nobody buys teh books anymore.


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