I recently went full geek, and made up a gaming hobby case.
Bask in it’s glory.


One thought on “Pride and / or Joy

  1. Once again Buzz has defeated the point of posting comments

    Mikey Smith – What's in your case? I think I need me on of those.23:29DeleteUndo deleteReport spamNot spam Finished removing commentsNanouk Harper – Well, about 150 d10's, about 20 d20's and other assorted dwhatevers, magic tape, automatic pencils, erasers, cthulhu dice bag, R2-D2 dice bag, JUMBO dice, post-it notes and my GM notes.
    And a print out of the character creation summary from the WoD core rules. I like to have it close, it makes me feel safe.

    I am completely terrified of it popping open as I walk down the street and everything falling out. Sometimes, so terrified I can't move.


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