Why I started this blog / Naming is the hardest part / too many slashes

I’ve been reading Justin Achilli’s blog for awhile now, for two reasons.
1/ I’m a WW/WoD fanboy, and enjoy the insight and perceived familiarity with one of the developers of my favourite game line. I also read the WW staff blogs on LJ when they did those, particularly enjoying Ethan Skemp’s. It’s a real shame they stopped.
2/ Justin’s views on the playing experience and game design behind that experience match what I would try to ask myself if I designed games for a living. I don’t design games though, I work in a bank.
Due to reading Justin Achilli’s blog, I started looking at the other blogs on the RPG Bloggers Network, and realised that there are loads on D&D blogs and discussions, and very little about the game lines that I like. In fact, when you filter for World of Darkness blogs, you get the same handful of people, and they’re mostly writing about Mage: The Awakening.
Don’t get me wrong, I own M:tAw, and like it, however I also own Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Foresaken, Changeling: The Lost and Hunter: The Vigil, all of which I feel are better games. Mage, whilst good, seems a bit … disjointed. In many ways it is an improvement on Ascension, and in other ways it’s not so good. I suspect that it may have compromised so that it plays nicely with the other game lines in the setting.

So, I started this blog to brain dump about the Hunter: The Vigil game i’m running, about how much I’d like to play Changeling: The Lost, about game ideas for Vampire:tR and Werewolf:tF and other gaming related stuff that’s on my mind.

And once I have some discipline and am posting regularly, try to hook up with the RPG Bloggers Network.
It’s a dream – have a blog, and have people read it.

Titles – Obviously every possible original blog title under the sun has been taken, and we’re now in the realms of a post-modern, plagerised and self-referential naming convention. Even the bad puns are taken.
I had a LJ group called ‘geekbook’, which I used to support a World of Darkness game I ran about three or four years ago. That title’s taken.
I tried RPGeek, which I thought was good enough without being pretentious or precious. That was taken as well.
So it’s nook.geek, which is my first name with geek stapled on. My creativity ran dry.


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